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Conference Ventures and STBigData are proud to announce Thursday, September 1, as the official date of the Indy Big Data Conference 2016 #INBDC16. The Event, themed as the Tipping Point, will be held at the Indiana Convention Center.

Defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place.” At the tipping point, is where the 2016 Indy Big Data Conference Advisory Committee and all the experts agree, big data finds itself today.

The objectives of the Indy Big Data Conference, 2016 are to advance the knowledge of big data initiatives from problem identification to successful implementation and to enable professional networking and exposure to experts and vendors in the big data and Internet of Things (IoT) industries.

This is the third Indy Big Data Conference, created and presented by STBigData, which has grown considerably over the years. According to Sandeep Allam, CEO of STBigData, “As Indianapolis becomes more and more nationally recognized as a technology hub, so has the Conference grown. Last year, we saw more than 600 CEOs, CIOs, academicians, business owners, marketing experts, data scientists, architects, technologists and students attend the conference. This year we are expecting nearly 1,000 as the world gets prepared to think differently – making fewer and fewer emotional decisions and more often data-based ones – pulled from existing data we now can access or the anticipation of data we will soon be able to capture.”

The Conference will consist of the following six tracks that span vertical markets such as healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, automotive and marketing:

• Creating a Winning Big Data Culture & Environment

• Learning the Latest Big Data Tools of the Trade

• Unleashing the Value of Big Data Using Analytics

• Preparing for the Onslaught of Big Data Being Generated by the IoT

• Visualizing Big Data Outcomes and Insights

• Managing Missteps on the Journey to Successful Big Data Implementation

Moser Consulting also with a specialty in big data, will sponsor the lunch at the Conference for the second year in a row. In addition to Moser, many more national sponsors with an interest in big data are expected to attend and exhibit at the Conference. For more information on the Indy Big Data Conference or to register, please visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN using the keywords Indy Big Data.